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Jeremy JohnsonBritish singer-songwriter Jeremy Johnson combines poetic lyricism, sonorous vocals and accomplished guitar melodies in poignant, intricately constructed music.  The songs Jeremy performs tell of hard-won life experience, existential philosophy and adventures of the heart, born from travels to all corners of our planet.


The seeds of his songwriting stretch back to his school years, but insecurity and the inexperience of youth stood in the way of a desire to share any narrative creation. For most of his 20s, Jeremy’s musical passion burned in the background of an international career as an Earth Scientist, a fascination with the natural world being an ever-present element of his life.


​Jeremy began performing and writing more seriously whilst living in Angola at 25. A gradual blossoming of creativity, hand-in-hand with a desire for the exploration of peoples, cultures and places. The following year saw him break the rhythm of a traditional career and ride a bicycle, solo and unsupported from the UK to India. A journey that would permanently alter his outlook and understanding of life. An accidental, underground gig in the Holy city of Mashhad in Iran, would prove to be a turning point in perspective for the young musician.


Jeremy van traveling and on tourThe seeds of a musical career sprouted not long after, whilst Jeremy was living in the Netherlands, playing acoustic sessions in the city of Groningen. 2016 would see Jeremy once again shun traditional employment, traveling to the southern hemisphere, with guitar and surfboard in hand to spend a year playing songs and surfing waves from far northern Indonesia to New Zealand’s wild volcanic coastline.


Returning to Europe, Jeremy cut his teeth in the French Alpine ‘apres ski’ scene as a musician, before completing his first European 4 month summer tour, busking and gigging through France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, off the back of his first widely released record ‘32nd Orbit’, gaining radio airplay in the UK and France.


2018 saw the official launch of Jeremy as an independent and self funded musician, later that year dedicating 12 months to his debut studio album project ‘Insecuriosity’ working alongside Suffolk based producer Simon Britcliffe (Once Upon a Dead Man, Union Sound Set), recorded at Decoy Studios (Bloc Party, Florence and the Machine) and OLD JET Arts Centre, and featuring drummer James Brown (Hannie), violinist Eliza Burkitt, Taylor Moulton on trumpet and Dutch vocalist Marije De Vries (Wonder).


Jeremy’s story into music is one of philosophy, reflection and adventure, themes that can be heard in the songs he writes and the shows he performs. Fascination for this incredible planet and this wonderful and challenging life lie at the heart of this perpetual nomad and his creativity.